Vent Features

Filter Cartridges

In an effort to reduce downtime and maintenance costs JDB Dense Flow Dust Collectors features highly efficient filter cartridges made from Spun Bond Polyester and are coated with a PTFE membrane.  Spun Bond Polyester is a heavy duty 100% synthetic filter media with high strength, and efficiency.  PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is essentially a Teflon coating on the Spun Bond filter media.  The PTFE membrane enhances dust release for superior filter cleaning.  Spun Bond Filter Cartridges with PTFE score the highest efficiency or MERV rating of 16.  MERV is a measure of filter efficiency (1-16) over a range of different particle sizes.

Testing on the Dense Flow Filter Cartridges shows a 99.997% efficiency rating at a 0.5 Micron particle size. The filters also feature a wide pleat design that allows them to be more effectively cleaned, and translates into longer cartridge lifespans.  Many competitors will narrow the spacing between pleats in an effort to “pack” more cloth area into a single cartridge.  The thought is that the more cloth area you can fit or “pack” onto a cartridge, the higher the flow rate the cartridge will be able to handle.  Initially this would be true, but after a short period of use, a cartridge with narrow pleat spacing will be cleaned less effectively and greatly reduce the true cloth area and effectiveness of the cartridge.

Vent Features

Superior Cartridge Cleaning

JDB Dense Flow Dust Collectors feature an advanced air pulse cleaning system, and minimum 3 cartridge design to insure proper cartridge cleaning.  The air pulse cleaning system requires a minimum 60 psi, and 10 CFM of clean, dry air.  Diaphragm valves pulse short blasts of air down the center of the bin vent filter cartridges at individual timed intervals.  The pulse timing is controlled through a timer control box mounted on the bin vent housing.  The minimum 3 cartridge design insures proper cartridge cleaning.  Bin vents designed with one or even two cartridges cannot effectively clean while air is passing through them.

In a one cartridge unit the air has only one place to go, so when a single unit is pulsed for cleaning, and is under a load (air is passing through the cartridge) the dust will jump off and be forced right back onto the cartridge.  Similarly, when a two cartridge unit is pulsed for cleaning material will jump from the cartridge being pulsed to the other cartridge which is now the only place for the exhaust air to go.  A minimum three cartridge design insures while one cartridge is being pulsed for cleaning, there are two cartridges effectively venting the incoming exhaust air.  In a three cartridge unit each cartridge is more effectively cleaned, which will increase the cartridges working efficiency (efficiency rating after a period of use), and in turn increase the lifespan and effectiveness of each cartridge.

Vent Features

Filter Removal

The design of the JDB Dense Flow Dust Collectors allows operators and/or maintenance personnel easy access to the unit’s filter cartridges through either a hinged door with captive handles or removable top plate held in place with a clamp.  Depending on the bin vent model cartridges are removed either out of the top of the unit or by sliding a rack out of a door on the front of the unit.

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